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Embroidery is a slow & painstaking craft, where a single curving line can take an hour to render and a small patch of fabric the length of a movie to fill with stitches, so different from the flowing rhythms of a paintbrush. What, then, are the physical and mental consequences of translating two-dimensional illustrations into three-dimensional textile sculptures? How does an image change when its marks are taken from ink into thread, from brushstrokes to stitchery? With my Witchcraft project, I’ve been exploring these questions as I transform a series of witch characters that I illustrated in October 2015 into embroidered textile sculptures that examine the space between dimensions and investigate how the process of remaking something in a new medium alters its personality and the way it communicates to passers-by.

The witches exist within miniature scenes, all built by hand from a variety of materials, inside homemade shadow boxes. These first four sculptures are a part of Hard Twist 11 at the Gladstone Hotel and can be viewed on the 4th floor of the hotel until January 9th, 2017.