Rising Currents 2018-2020

In January 2018 I worked with Thousand Currents to transform their three-year strategic plan into an illustrated poster that communicates the organization’s strategies for change in an accessible, visual format. Working closely with my client, I created the illustration, which was painted in gouache, the design of the overall poster, and the three focus area icons that appear on the back of the poster.

The final illustration for Rising Currents 2018-2020 is based on the idea of connections – those that exist between Thousand Currents and their partners, between organizations and the communities they support, and between individuals in those communities, all working together to create change and exchange knowledge. Both traditional skills and contemporary innovation weave together as the eye moves from one strategy to another, referencing the important work being done by the visionary leaders and organizations Thousand Currents supports.

See Rising Currents on the Thousand Currents website, or click here to see the full-size PDF.