FRIDA Resource Mobilization Toolkit


The Resource Mobilization Toolkit is full of tools to help young women, girls, and trans* youth access funding and resources to make change. The information is presented alongside a diverse cast of illustrated young feminists that guide readers through the Toolkit and make its pages warm and inviting.

To see the whole project, go to FRIDA’s publications page or download it directly here.


More about the project (caption from FRIDA’s instagram post on the Toolkit):

“We live in a world of gross wealth inequality, where resources are concentrated amongst a few. Young women, girls, and trans* youth organizers are hard-pressed to access financial resources that would ensure the effectiveness of their work as well as be safe and healthy as human beings. In order to create a more equal and just world, activists, too, have to reclaim money, redistribute resources, and re-imagine new sources of funding. At FRIDA, we are committed to building the resource mobilization capacities of young women, girls, and trans* youth so they can create long lasting change. We present our first-ever Resource Mobilization Toolkit.”

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth led fund focused on supporting young feminist organizing.