How Far Have We Come?

My third project with FRIDA | Young Feminist Fund involved bringing together four reports on convenings the organization has hosted, co-hosted, and participated in into a cohesive project with a unified theme.

The overall theme represents the idea of the convenings as colourful and diverse flocks of birds interacting and working with an equally diverse group of Young Feminists. While preparing for this project, I created a list of bird species from the countries in which the Young Feminist groups FRIDA supports work, and nearly every bird shown throughout the four reports and the landing page hails from one of these countries.

The use of a consistent colour scheme across the four reports further emphasizes their connectedness. How Far Have We Come, which is the longest of the four reports, makes use of the full palette of project colours across the five sections.

The illustrations, which were hand-painted with gouache, also use the same colour palette, connecting them to the digitally-coloured illustrations of the other three reports.

To see the complete publication, please click here.