FRIDA’s Garden of Change

Working closely with the project coordinators, I transformed FRIDA’s Theory of Change flowchart into an interactive, animated adventure that allows users to explore the Garden of Change and discover how Young Feminist Organizers are changing the world.

Working from hand-drawn lineart, I used Photoshop to colour and edit the many plants and people that populate this illustrated world, then used to Tumult Hype to lay out, animate, and convert the Garden of Change into an HTML5 website.

From FRIDA’s website:

“There are many intricate relationships and interactions that need to happen to create the changes we want. Some changes are small, but ripple outwards to have a larger impact overtime. Some actions require repetition and/or contributions from others to have an effect. Some changes are easier to see more than others – they happen in formal and informal ways amongst individuals and systems.

We’ve tried for years to put our Theory of Change into words that would adequately capture all these kinds of changes. Creating social change is a complicated but beautiful process. We never felt satisfied with our documents and tables.

So ultimately, we decided art was the best medium and a garden was the best analogy to illustrate this complicated beautiful process!”

Below are three of the many plants and people I illustrated for this project. All linework was done with pencil and colouring in photoshop.